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What are the Degreasing Methods for Valves?

Mar. 18, 2021

Today Wellhead Equipment Manufacturers will tell you about the degreasing method of valves. Let’s take a look with the editor.

The valve components go through the following processes before assembly:

1. According to the processing requirements, some parts need to be polished, and the surface has no processing burrs;

2. Degreasing all parts;

3. Pickling passivation after degreasing, the cleaning agent does not contain phosphorus.

4. Shown. After pickling passivation, rinse with pure water without residue. Carbon steel parts omit this step.

5. Dry it piece by piece with non-woven fabric, it cannot be left on the surface of steel wool and other parts, nor can it be dried with clean nitrogen;

6. Wipe the parts one by one with non-woven cloth or filter paper, and analyze pure alcohol until there are no stains.

Slab Gate Valve

Slab Gate Valve

Assembly requirements

The cleaned parts are sealed for installation. The installation process requirements are as follows:

1. Clean the installation workshop or set up temporary cleaning areas, such as newly purchased color bars or plastic films, to prevent dust from entering during the installation process.

2. Assembly workers wear clean cotton overalls, cotton caps, hair tight, clean shoes, and plastic gloves.

3. The assembly tools are degreased and cleaned before assembly to ensure cleanliness

other demands

1. The assembled valve should be purged with nitrogen for at least 1 minute.

2. The air tightness test was performed with pure nitrogen.

3. After sealing and cleaning the polyethylene cover, pass the air tightness test. Soak the polyethylene cover with organic solvent and wipe it clean before use.

4. As shown. Then seal it with a vacuum bag.

5. Wrap it.

6. Measures should be taken to ensure that the package seal is not damaged during transportation.

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