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What are the Performance Requirements of Choke Valve?

Mar. 03, 2021

As a Wellhead Equipment Manufacturers, share with you.

The choke valve is a valve that controls the flow of fluid by changing the choke section or choke length. Connect the choke valve and the one-way valve in parallel to form a one-way choke valve. The choke valve and the one-way choke valve are simple flow control valves. In the hydraulic system of a fixed pump, the choke valve and the overflow valve can be combined to form three choke speed control systems, that is, the choke speed control system of the oil inlet. System, oil return line throttling speed control system and bypass throttling speed control system. The choke valve has no negative flow feedback function, and cannot compensate for the unstable speed caused by the load change. It is generally only used for occasions where the load change is not large or the speed stability is not high.

Choke Valve Wellhead

Choke Valve Wellhead

Performance requirements

The performance requirements for the choke valve are:

·The flow adjustment range is large, and the flow-pressure difference changes smoothly;

·The amount of internal leakage is small. If there is an external leakage port, the amount of external leakage should also be small;

·The adjustment torque is small and the action is sensitive.

There is no difference between the shape and structure of the choke valve and the stop valve, except that the shape of their opening and closing parts is different. The opening and closing parts of the choke valve are mostly conical streamlined, through which the channel cross-sectional area is changed to adjust the flow and pressure. The choke valve is used to reduce the pressure of the medium when the pressure drop is extremely large.

The flow rate of the medium between the choke valve disc and the valve seat is very large, so that the surface of these parts is quickly damaged, which is the so-called cavitation phenomenon. In order to minimize the impact of cavitation, the valve disc is made of cavitation resistant material (made of alloy steel) and made into a streamlined cone with a tip angle of 140-180. This can also enable the valve disc to have a larger opening height, which is generally not recommended Throttling under a small gap.

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