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Do you Know What a Gate Valve is?

Oct. 24, 2020

As a Gate Valve Parts Supplier, share with you.

Gate valves are used to limit the flow of fluid flowing straight through the pipeline. This is an effective and reliable way to stop fluid flow. The gate valve can be fully opened or fully closed. The slow opening and closing of the valve helps avoid hydraulic hammers, which can damage the pipes connected to the valve. Gate valves are not used for throttling, so do not let them half open. The gate valve has 3 important parts. They are doors, stems and hoods.

Slab Gate Valve

Slab Gate Valve

The gate can be used in several variations in a gate valve. You may occasionally use knife doors, or if you use crude oil, you may see flat doors. However, in the marine industry, the most common gate is the wedge. This type of valve uses a wedge-shaped metal sheet that can be moved into the valve body to prevent fluid flow. This uses metal-to-metal contact to create a positive pressure seal. However, under extremely low pressure (5 psi or lower), the gate valve may leak a little.

The stem is a part of the valve used to move the gate to the open or closed position. Usually, this is a screw-type component with a handle, and the gate can be raised or lowered by turning the handle by hand. There are two types of valve stems in gate valves, which are called rising stems or non-rising stems. A rising rod is where the handle is removed from or to the valve when it is turned on. This allows the user to quickly determine whether the valve is open or not just by looking. The stems that do not rise remain in place during rotation, which is useful when space is limited.

Some non-rising dry valves.

The bonnet is the part of the valve that stays on when it is in the open/raised position. It is usually on the top of the valve. You may see several valve cover variants on the gate valve. The difference usually includes how the valve cover is connected to the valve. A common variant of the bonnet is the joint bonnet. The union bonnet is directly fixed on the valve by tightening it, and can be easily disassembled for maintenance or inspection of the internal parts of the valve. Bolted bonnets are similar, but used for high-pressure valves. These may be stronger than union hats. If you are going to withstand pressures of 2250 psi or higher, you may need to use a pressure seal bonnet. This kind of bonnet will not actually leak as the pressure increases, so it is necessary to keep the minimum pressure above 500 psi.

Pigging is a commonly used term when discussing gate valves. This is the process of sending equipment called pigs through a pipe to remove debris. The pig is closely matched to the diameter of the pipe to be inserted. Gate valve means full bore or piggable, which means that when it is fully opened, the pig installed in the pipeline can pass through the valve without any problems. The result of the pigging valve is that it will have a lower resistance when it opens and will not affect the pressure of the fluid passing through it. Some other valves may be piggyable, but they are not common.

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