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Do you know the Internal Structure of Slab Gate Valve?

Sep. 04, 2020

As a Wellhead Equipment Manufacturers, share with you.

1. The valve seat adopts an O-ring seal and a floating seat structure that exerts a pre-tightening force to seal the inlet and outlet of the flat gate valve in both directions; and the opening and closing torque of this structure is only 1/2 of that of ordinary valves, which can achieve easy opening and closing. 

2. When fully opened, the channel is smooth and straight, the flow resistance coefficient is very small, and there is no pressure loss, and the pipeline can be cleaned by the hair ball.

Slab Gate Valve

Slab Gate Valve

3. The self-sealing packing structure is more reliable than ordinary graphite packing. Grease is injected into the packing sealing surface, and the sealing surface reaches the zero leakage standard, which solves the common problems of running, dripping and leakage of general valves.

4. When the plate gate valve is closed, the high pressure in the inner cavity can be automatically removed to ensure safe use.

5. Fully enclosed structure, good protection performance, can adapt to all-weather requirements.

6. The sealing structure of the valve seat should be elastic and pre-tightened, and the upstream and downstream sealing seats are sealed at the same time. The valve seat and the seal are always face-to-face sealing.

7. The valve seat has a self-cleaning function, and is not directly washed by air flow during the opening or closing of the valve. The valve seat should be made of lubricated, non-wearing material.

8. The failure of the valve actuator will not affect other parts of the valve. Repair and replacement work can be carried out without removing the valve.

9. Yoke casing-The aluminum bronze yoke casing is equipped with needle-shaped thrust bearings to minimize the operating torque.

10. Valve stem-thread length up to the bracket; pins and spot welding.

11. Pressure seal-simple structure, equipped with segmented retaining ring and silver-plated mild steel gasket, which helps to disassemble and achieve the best bonnet seal.

12. Seat ring-Welded seat ring is perpendicular to the flow channel, easy to maintain.

13. Actuator-These valves can be equipped with electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuators. Standard manual handwheels below DN300, helical gear operating mechanisms above DN350.

14. Yoke-The fully assembled yoke has passed seismic tests and is easy to maintain and install the actuator.

15. Gland-Two-piece, self-adjustable gland to avoid being ejected.

16. Integral rear seat-hard surface, longest service life.

17. Disc-The spring-loaded disc can be adjusted by itself, reducing the torque demand of the actuator.

18. Integral stop-integrally cast bracket stop device, positioning the assembled bracket disc, making the valve seat more stable and reliable.

19. The valve body has two structures: casting and welding.

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