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How to Prevent Rust From Idle Valves?

Jan. 05, 2021

Today Wellhead Equipment Manufacturers will tell you how to prevent rusting of idle valves. Let’s talk to the editor together.

Slab Gate Valve

Slab Gate Valve

1. Regular maintenance:

Valves that have been idle for a long time should be inspected and maintained regularly to prevent rust and damage to the valve. For valves that have been idle for too long, they should be tested together with equipment, devices, and pipelines before they can be used.

2. Clean the valve:

The inner cavity of the valve should be purged and cleaned, and there should be no residue or water solution. The outside of the valve should be wiped clean and free of dirt, oil and dust.

Three, protection and protection:

Prevent the impact of other objects, manual handling and disassembly, if necessary, the movable parts of the valve should be fixed, and the valve should be packaged and protected.

Four, complete valve parts:

After the valve is missing parts, it cannot be disassembled to make up. The valve parts should be equipped to create good conditions for the next use and ensure that the valve is in good condition.

5. Anti-corrosion treatment:

Take out the packing in the stuffing box to prevent electrochemical corrosion of the valve stem. Valve sealing surface, valve stem, valve stem nut, machined surface and other parts should be painted with anti-rust agent and grease according to the specific situation. Painted parts should be painted with anti-rust paint.

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